Friday, February 20, 2015

How I got started in scrapbooking!

Hello out there!

Is anybody there?

I know it's been ages since I've posted here, but I know there was a reason why I didn't just delete this blog. I like having the ability to come back here from time to time!

So, I am now an avid digital scrapbooker. Any chance I have a spare minute, I am either at Pixelscrapper, or doing my own scrapbooking, or both, at the same time.

I have been digital scrapbooking for about 4 years now, and as I have been doing it more and more, I love it oh so much! I didn't know anything about digital scrapbooking until I started blogging, and that started when "the boy" was about 8 months old. Now the boy is going to be 5, and he's got a brother and a sister!
Black and White Digital Scrapbooking Page

Back when I was blogging, My Memories had contacted me to see if I was interested in being a blogger affiliate, so I jumped at the opportunity. I had heard of that software, but really wasn't sure what it was, so with that opportunity, came the opportunity to use their software. I was instantly hooked. I am not a Photoshop owner, so didn't have any means at that time to create scrapbooking pages. As the time progressed I slowly transitioned away from My Memories to GIMP. I had learned a lot about digital design, blog design, web design, html code, and so I picked up GIMP and started creating my own things. I had so much fun creating blog designs and my own digital papers and elements, those were my new hobbies. I didn't scrapbook as often, and again, over time, found the designing aspect of things to be a little tedious. I wasn't enjoying it nearly as much as scrapbooking my own pages, so transitioned back a bit to using My Memories and focusing on doing my own thing, for me, rather creating things for other people. Every once and awhile, I think I want to start doing that a little, but quickly realize creating scrapbook pages is much more rewarding.
Ferris Wheel Carnival Digital Scrapbooking Page

So, now, I participate in all the challenges I can get my hands on as time will allow. I use both My Memories and GIMP to make the best pages as possible, and will continue to print these pages out so they don't get lost as just random digital files on my externals.
Selfie Digital Scrapbooking Page

Winter Landscape Digital Scrapbooking Page

valentine's digital scrapbooking page

Thanks for reading! Who knows, maybe I will make this a regular thing!


Kathie Gray said...

Thanks for sharing your story, it's fascinating to hear the different routes people took to get where into DS! Maybe you'll get back into blogging now and go full circle!

Marcy Coate Fumini said...

Loved reading your story! It's fun doing this blog linkup thing, isnt' it? See you around! (If not here, for sure at Pixelscrapper, right?) :-)

Marisa Lerin said...

Thanks for sharing Emily! I love the layouts you posted with the story. It's so fun to realize how much life has changed since you started this hobby. I'm glad you still have time for it with three kids!

Melouise Vrijhof said...

Hi Emily!

I am so glad you decided to turn back to scrapbooking, I love your layouts! Doing what makes you happy is always the best idea :-)

<3 Melo

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