Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Information you need to know.

The more you know, the more you grow...there is your PSA for right now.

So, frequently when my husband and I are watching programs, we try to out-identify characters (without using the internet) we've seen on other shows and identify what show or character they played. The most recent occurrence of this was about an hour ago while watching episode 7 of The Mentalist. I identified Ashley Johnson from the Growing Pains. Did I just age myself? Anyway...

So, as we do, my husband looked up the information to make sure I was right (which I knew I was), and delighted me with the information I am now going to share with you.

Did you know...Growing Pains did not translate well, so while airing the show, other countries renamed the show (all this is on the wiki right here, too)

So, without further ado: Growing Pains, as translated in other languages...

Mainland China - Growing vexation
Taiwan - Happy Family
France - What is new doctor?
Germany - Our noisy home
Italy - Parents in blue jeans
Israel - TO grow up and to overcome
Japan - Happy Seaver family
Latin America - Ouch! It's painful growing up
Poland - Kids, troubles and us
Slovenia - Don't bother me
Turkey - The Price of Growing Up
Spain - The problems grow
Sweden - Dad knows best

Which is your favorite? I couldn't pick between 'Parents in blue jeans', and 'Don't bother me'


Robyn Goddard said...

Parents in Blue Jeans and Our noisy home stick out to me.

Recently J has found "classic" shows to watch. A few months ago it was The Golden Girls, next was Frasier, now Coach.

Amazing how tv shows have changed over the years.

Tiffany Johnstone said...

I love- The Problems Grow. Good one Mr. Seav!

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