Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When you think of parenting...

what do you think of? My mind runs a mile a minute, or rather, I am moving a mile a minute, where I don't have the time to think about what is happening. I'm constantly wondering whether or not my 1.5 year old is trying to eat something he shouldn't, or get into cabinets that are locked with baby locks (you know, I'm amazed how they can constantly get those things open...they are like little magicians!)

I remember, when I was pregnant the first time around, everything seemed overwhelming, new, and exciting. Though, if my memory serves me correct, there is a lot of information. As having never been pregnant before, I was afraid I was going to do something wrong. Now that my kids are not in the newborn/infant stages of life, I am always trying my best to stay ahead of these guys and provide them everything they need.

I remember hearing about cord blood banking, but with everything going on being newlywed, and with a newborn, I really didn't know which was up, and did not sign up. Through cord blood banking, you can collect and preserve potentially lifesaving stem cells, and doing so could one day save the life of your child or a blood relative. You can bank even more stem cells by collecting them from two usable sources of stem cell-rich blood; the umbilical cord and the placenta. This service is called Placental and Cord Blood Banking and it's available only from LifebankUSA.

The ability of stem cells to save lives via cord blood banking has proven successful for replacing abnormal or diseased cells, and treating life-threatening blood disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.

 LifeBankUSA wants you to have the Peace of Mind when it comes to your children, and are giving away 3 Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seats in a random drawing on Facebook. Be sure to like their page and get all the details to enter to win one of these car seats. 

I hope you take some time, visit their website and facebook page and learn a little more about cord blood banking.

*Disclosure: this is a sponsored post, all opinions are that of my own.

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