Friday, October 11, 2013

Mini Kit Challenge - Tarnished

download here

I haven't participated in too many designer challenges at Pixelscrapper, but I figured I would try to start up again as time allows.

The content: 6 papers, 1 frame, 1 bow/ribbon, 2 tags, 3 shapes, 3 other

I had a couple of ideas for colors schemes but I went with tarnished. I had a hard time only making 6 papers. I really like making papers, so I tried to have a nice complimentary set, so that they weren't just solid, or patterns, or really busy patterns. 

I really struggle with making my own elements for some reason, not sure why, but I made the tags, and the simple shapes, anything beyond that, was a template from pixelscrapper.

I hope you like the mini kit! 


Nadia said...

Emily you did a great job! Thanks for sharing. I have the same thing with papers and elements. Color is the most important to me when I design.

patty said...

love the changes here at your blog... i'm sorry i haven't been in a while... so the new banner and background may not be new to you! :)

also, the colors in your pixelscrapper pieces are amazing... especially love the vibrancy in the thankful and at the beach... beautiful.

Unknown said...

Beautiful kit. Thank you for sharing.

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