Saturday, June 01, 2013

151/365 The last of the tulips

Yesterday, I made sure to take a moment to shoot the tulips. I noticed that the petals were pretty droopy, and knew that they weren't going to be around for too long. Today, when we were in the yard, I noticed the last petal fall, so I was glad to get the pictures when I did. Would you be surprised to tell you that this was taken outside? Some pretty clever editing was done....maybe, if I remember, I will post about it on Tuesday.

Better late than never! Friday Funnies on a Saturday...maybe Saturday Sillies?! Anywhoo.. here's a couple I found while surfing around yesterday. For more funnies, be sure to visit the Friday Funnies Pinterest Board!






Tamar SB said...

I saw that text about the oxygen too funny!!

Love the deep tones in your picture!

Coombe Mill said...

I'm amazed to read the photo was taken outside - clever girl!

Jenny Paulin said...

amazing tulip it looks nothing like a flower x

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