Monday, May 27, 2013

146/365 Lilacs

Well, we have a gray and rainy day today. We were hoping for a fun weekend playing outside, but it's been quite the opposite...the boy is on day two of a fever and we can't go outside even if we wanted to.  So, here's a picture from Friday, sunny days and lilacs in bloom. 

I got my scrapbook page for the week done last night, nothing too fancy, but am trying really hard to not get behind on my weeks, because once that starts, I'm pretty sure there is no catching up!

Hope you are having a nice Monday!


i am mama lola said...

i love lilacs. ours are already done, which makes me sad. they made everything smell so lovely!

love your pics!

adventsadventures said...

very nice shot! again! :) love the scrapbook - and of course you know I just love that shot of the baseball cap.

John Demostani said...

Good picture. I like the editing.

Robyn G said...

I like your scrapbook page layout, Emily!

Spent most of yesterday out checking or moving cattle and looking over the hail storm damage. For a bad deal we think we will be ok.

This morning was misty and it has been raining most of the afternoon. I did some baking/cooking stuff done and am editing lilac pictures.

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

Lovely lilacs!

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