Thursday, April 04, 2013

93/365 13 months

Where did March go? So, now my little one is 13 months. I can hardly believe it. He is just wanting to be like his brother and play with his brother and do everything his brother is doing.

At the beginning of the month we had dropped a bottle, and made some major headway with the foods, but after the stomach flu, we took a step back and slowed back down a bit. He is getting three bottles and a little bonus bottle for now, but his solids consumption is back up, so the bonus bottle will probably be going away soon. We also took a little break from milk, but have jumped right back where we were, so now we are at about 1/2 formula 1/2 milk, and I stopped pumping right before the illnesses hit, so he was on solid formula for a couple of weeks. It didn't seem to bother him, since everything else was kind of off.

He loves to eat, too, I am getting better at giving him regular food, making sure at least one meal is home prepared. Whether it's pureeing something, or mashing something up, we are getting it done. And, he has way more teeth at this point than the boy did. On that note, he is getting his one year molars as we speak. I made this discovery last night when I was brushing his teeth. His sleep has been a little light, and he's been pulling off the bottle frequently, which I thought was a part of the reflux, but it seems as though his teeth are hurting, so that makes sense too!

He is crawling up to stand on everything, and has made a few small steps to me from the coffee table, but he really likes to be propped up by his armpits so he can chase his brother around, they both really get a kick out of that.

He still takes two naps, sometimes they are short, sometimes they are long, sometimes he just lays in bed kicking the slats on his crib.

He is a long and skinny thing. When we were just in for his reflux, he had lost about 1/2 pound, so was just under 20 pounds, but grew 1/2 inch so is just over 30 inches. He find of fits into 12 month clothes, but mostly wears 18 month stuff because of his length.

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