Tuesday, April 23, 2013

112/365 30 Minutes

Notice anything? About a month ago I got my hair cut, and got fitted for contacts. I use to be a regular contact wearer, but with the lack of sleep it makes it very hard to want to / and wear contacts every day. 

I am still not up to wearing contacts daily, but I do appreciate the break from glasses, and can handle wearing them about 3 days a week. It took me three separate trips to the eye doctor to find a 'better' pair, and I say better because I think he is just trying to sell what he gets commission off of, so next time, a different eye doctor.

I met to do listicles yesterday, but alas forgot, so I'm here Monday night, and not gonna forget this time!

10 ways to spend 30 minutes.

Most of my days are spent wrangling kids, and working, so when it comes to me time, I like to try to do the following.

1. Digital Scrapbook.
2. Edit photos
3. Sit
4. Watch quality programming like Undeclared. Seriously, if you graduated or attended college in the 00's you have to watch it. AND, it's got a bunch of stars before they were stars, like Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Charlie Hunnam, and Jason Segel.
5. Drink tea in silence
6. Drink tea while watching my children run/crawl around the living room in hopes that I don't have to get up to untangle them out of whatever situation they may have gotten themselves into.
7. Exercise (I use that term loosely)
8. Cross stitch (I'm almost done with a project that should have been half the size)
9. Internet
10. Ebay

How would you spend 30 minutes?


Kim Cunningham said...

Fun list! Right now I think I would have to use 30 minutes for laundry. Way behind!

Nicki said...

Cool reflective glasses, neat shot. My kids are grown (somewhat) and I still relish my "me" time. Headphones, the computer and a nice cup of coffee. Yep, good times, good times!

Ducky said...

Cross stitching is something I haven't done since I was pregnant. I love handwork tho! Fab list!!

Jan Robinson said...

I would have a Devonshire Tea with a friend :)

Sharon said...

What a clever photo, with the reflection. Love it! I LOVE my contacts. Hang in there -- you will probably grow to wonder how you ever got along with them!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I like your list! At 19 weeks pregnant right now, my energy levels still kind of comes and goes. If I'm feeling really good, I'd spend that 30 minutes baking or doing yoga. Most of the time, though, it'd be spent vegging out on the couch. :)

Yona Williams said...

Nice list!

I love browsing the daily deal sites online - I should have added that to my listicle, but I forgot. I still roam about eBay (especially when I'm looking for a DVD to buy), but lately, daily deal sites cut into the time I spend there.

Happy belated Listicle Monday!
Yona from http://artpark78.com/blog1

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