Monday, April 15, 2013

104/365 Toys

Happy Monday! We had a semi-busy weekend. Photos for the little brother, and yesterday, despite the icky weather, we ventured out to do some shoe shopping. It's amazing how quickly little feet can grow. We've got lots of clothes for little brother, but we are needing to keep up with the boy. 

Now that little brother is 13 months, he's not walking independently yet (I've been blessed with late walkers), he is up on everything and can do (and will do) a lot of things independently. The coffee table is the center of action. The boy likes to put his toys up there, and as that use to be out of reach, now becomes a lot of fun for little brother. He is trying to grab at everything, and will, now, bring his own toys to play with at the coffee table. 

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Tamar SB said...

You do such great editing!! Thanks for linking up with us!

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