Friday, February 15, 2013

46/365 Puzzles & Funnies!

EEEEKKKK! That is how happy I am to see Friday. Did you see the number of 'E's and 'K's?!

Are you all excited for Friday? Well, either way, Happy Friday!

This is our living room coffee table covered in puzzles. The boy likes puzzles, but he can't help himself and just do one. He dumps them all out at once and then has us help him sort, and then put the puzzles together. Only once, have I seen him put his puzzles together one by one!

Textured with Bonnie's Texture

You know the drill!!!

Funny time!!! As always, you can find these and more on the Community Friday Funnies Board, and if you are interested in being added to the board, just let me know!



GIGGLES 64!!  - CafeMom

Just a Little One Though!

Lets Play Some Face-Ball


AudreyN said...

I LOVE that "you had one job" one! Makes me laugh! Happy Friday!

Currie Silver said...

amazing use of the texture and wondrous funnies. enJOY that EEEEKKKK of a Friday!!

Kim Stevens said...

I always get a giggle out of your funnies....this week is no exception

Jennifer {Life Darling} said...

Ahahahahahaaaa! I love You Had One Job! Now I need to check out this funny board of yours! And hooray for Friday! I'm so glad it's here, too! :-)

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

These are hilarious! I've never seen them before. I could make up a million of them inside my own house. haha Thanks for the laughs. Visiting from BRB!

Ida said...

Emily your PAF piece is fun. My granddaughter sometimes dumps her puzzle like that too so I had a good chuckle as well.
Speaking of chuckles...thos You Had 1 Job photo's are priceless.

Marika said...

great post!!

Prairie Jill said...

Love your PAF image!

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