Monday, February 04, 2013

35/365 Fat Lip

first fat lip

Well, this weekend didn't go anything like I had planned. I hadn't been feeling well for the majority of the week, and this finally got worse to the point I had to go to urgent care. I am now on meds that make me dizzy and nauseous, which I hope will get better through the course of the medication. When I called the nurse line and gave her my symptoms, she told me to go to urgent care right away, which I did, once I realized what the problem was, but that I was suppose to go on bed rest, and then, on top of that, I was suppose to pump every two hours. I laughed at her, and just was amazed that she recommended that. I have been on my pumping schedule since little brother was three months, and I never pumped around the clock for him, never had to. I did with the boy, but I couldn't even grasp what she was saying. I did the best I could with the bed rest, but it's nearly impossible with two little kids.

Then, Sunday morning, as little brother is exploring the toy box, lost his balance and smashed his mouth on one of the toys. I was there, I saw it happen, I just wasn't quick enough to grab him before his face hit the toy. There were tears, there were screams, there was blood.

He rebounded pretty quickly, and the fat lip was almost back to normal by supper time.

I kind of would like a redo on my weekend. I hope your was better than mine!


Reese said...

Sorry about the bad weekend and baby boy. Hopefully it will get better!

Also, I totally remember that 2-hour pump schedule I had. Seriously if I didn't pump, it HURT. I was an over-producer, and it was miserable.


Lori Poppinga said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. NO fun to be sick...especially when you can't just sleep till you're better.
Little kids are resilient!
Keep up the God work.

Peg Peter said...

Ugh, I hope you get a do-over and a better weekend next time. Even so, those baby lips are so adorable!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Ughh. Hope you feel better and the little one's lip heals quickly.

Ida said...

Ouch! Poor little thing. Hope everyone is doing much better by now. Hugs to all.

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