Tuesday, January 01, 2013


an early reader

This is how the day started. A little morning read while changing diapers. It was nice. The book was a good distraction for little brother, as he is a twisty-turning baby, pretty much always in motion. The book allowed me to get his clothes changed and get a couple of things put away, but as soon as he noticed I wasn't watching him, the book was down and he was ready to rumble.

Last night I was a wild child, I stayed up until 10:30! I don't really like to tempt fate when it comes to sleeping. Both kids have been in a constant state of teething for some time now, and so I cherish the sleep I can get.

Today was a busy day around these parts, I cleaned out my closet, which hadn't been done in years, and got items cleaned and other items ready for donation. It was an all day affair, which my children did not appreciate. Little brother protested by not napping this afternoon, and the boy was awoken by little brother's crying, so there have been piles of clothes, cds, dvds, old calculators, you name it, all over the floor.

The house, now, is quiet. I was able to get almost everything put away, with exception to a handful of things, and am very glad this project is complete. I suppose there was a reason why I never tackled this project in the first place.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Cute! I was wild also and stayed up till 11. Crazy I know.

Ms POSH said...

That is precious!


BabyBabyLemon said...

Cute photo! I love baby feet. I also desperately need to clean my closet, by the end of Jan I hope.

Jennifer said...

My kids still can be on a wild schedule!

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